The 2021 Hunan University International Academic Symposium on Blended learning in Higher Education cordially invite academic scientists, researchers, professors, instructors, administrators, and technology experts to present the latest research and new ideas in blended learning, as well as exchange and share their experiences on using technology in advancing the practices of teaching and learning in higher education. This symposium also offers interdisciplinary platform for teachers, researchers, students, and practitioners from all disciplines (natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, life sciences and medical sciences) to present and discuss the most recent trends, concerns, innovations, challenges, and solutions in practicing blended learning in higher education. It would like to invite contributions from across the globe, from different educational sectors and a broad variety of industries.

        Distinguished participants:

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  Conference Schedule:

2021 11 5 November 5, 2021

北京時間 Beijing Time

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楊美佳 Yang Meijia 15937886935

金甯 Jin Ning 13043393256

2021 11 6 日上 November 6, 2021 Morning

Opening ceremony

北京時間 Beijing Time

發言人 Speaker

主持人 Session Host

9:00 -9:25



卡塔尔世界杯盘口院长Xie ChiVice President of Hunan University

Dean of Research Institute of Education

Science, Hunan University

阳 征 湖南大學Yang Zheng

Hunan University

9:25 -9:30

截屏合影 Online group photo

會議 Presentation Sessions

主持:全, 湖南 Session Host: Quan Wei, Hunan University

北京時間 Beijing Time

發言主題 Topic

發言人 Speaker

9:30 -10:00

基于 CIPP 模型的在線教學评价指标体系研究 (劉寶存,黃秦輝)

Research on the construction of online teaching

evaluation index based on CIPP model


Liu Baocun

Beijing Normal University

10:00 -10:30


Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode: Variation and Unity


Guo Jianpeng Xiamen University

10:30 -10:40

休息十分鍾 Ten minutes break

2021 11 6 日上 November 6, 2021 Morning

會議 Presentation Sessions

主持:金, 湖南 Session Host: Jin Ning , Hunan University

10:40 -11:00


Research on Collective Attention in Online Learning

張婧婧, 北京師範大學

Zhang Jingjing Beijing Normal University

11:00 -11:20


Inspiration of business and technological development on online education in the post-

epidemic era

嶽曉光, 塞浦路斯欧洲大學

Yue Xiaoguang

European University of Cyprus

主持:文建,  西師範大學 Session Host: Wen Jianzhang, Guangxi Normal University

11:20 -11:40

MOOC 研究現狀與發展趨勢

MOOC Research Status and Development Trend

傅冠華, 湖南大學

Fu Guanhua, Hunan University



硕士研究生在線學习表现的质性分析Qualitative analysis of graduates’ online learning performance from the person-environment fit


王雅晶, 南京大學Wang Yajing Nanjing University


午休 Lunch Break

2021 11 6 日下 November 6, 2021 Afternoon

會議 Presentation Sessions

主持: Frank Okai Larbi,華南師大學 Session Host: Frank Okai Larbi, South China Normal University, China

北京時間 Beijing Time

發言主題 Topic

發言人 Speaker

14:00 -14:30


There is a tide in the affairs of Man…

David A. Turner,北京師範大學

Beijing Normal University

14:30 -14:50

Covid-19 和在線學习:英国国际學生的经历

Covid-19 and online Learning: Experiences of

International Students in the UK

Samson M. Tsegay


Anglia Ruskin University, UK.

14:50 -15:10



Syed Nitas Iftekhar

北京師範大學, KCM,北京

Towards improving tech and its literacy amongst

teachers for better blended pedagogies in post -

Beijing Normal University. KCM,


covid era

15:10 -15:20

休息十分鍾 Ten minutes break

主持人: Samson M. Tsegay,英國安格利亞鲁斯金大學。Session Host: Samson M. Tsegay, Anglia Ruskin University

北京時間 Beijing Time

發言主題 Topic

發言人 Speaker

15:20 -15:40

阿拉玛伊克巴尔開放大學 (AIOU) 的學习数字技


Muhammad Abid Malik


Digital Technologies for Learning at Allama Iqbal

Iqra University, Pakistan

Open University (AIOU): Investigating Needs and


15:40 -16:00

職前教師准備中 ICT 技能的整合:導師的認知與


Ayubu Ismail Ngao


Integration of ICT Skills During Preservice Teachers

Preparation: Tutors’ Perceptions and Practice

Beijing Normal University

16:00 -16:20

COVID-19 期间,情商如何影响混合學习环境


Javed Iqbal

廣州大學, 巴基斯坦教育大學

Guangzhou University, China. University of Education, Pakistan

How Emotional Intelligence Influences Study Habits

among Students in Blended Learning Environments

during COVID-19: The Mediating Role of Cognitive


6 日會議未完续后表

Continued page of the meeting on June 6

2021 11 6 日下 November 6, 2021 Afternoon

會議 Presentation Sessions

主持:楚秋, 大學 Session Host: Chu Qiuyu, Hunan University

北京時間 Beijing Time

發言主題 Topic

發言人 Speaker

16:20 -16:40


A study of the academic challenges faced by the Western students in Chinese universities

劉水雲, 北京師範大學

Liu Shuiyun Beijing Normal University

16:40 -17:00


Adaptation and Enlightenment of Teachers'

Postmodern Curriculum Ideas under the Background of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

文建章, 廣西師範大學

Wen Jianzhang Guangxi Normal University


基于 SPOC 混合教學模式下學生混合學习素养的培育

Cultivation of students' blended learning literacy

based on SPOC blended teaching model

李自瑩, 中央民族大學

Li Ziying

Minzu University of China.


今日議閉幕總結 金甯,湖南

Day closing remarks Jin Ning, Hunan University

2021 11 7 日上 November 7, 2021 Morning

會議 Presentation Sessions

主持: Frank Okai Larbi,華南師大學 Session Host: Frank Okai Larbi, South China Normal University

北京時間 Beijing Time

發言主題 Topic

發言人 Speaker

9:00 -9:20


Research on The Ethical Standards of Artificial Intelligence Applied in the Field of Education

姚真, 北京師範大學

Yao Zhen

Beijing Normal University

9:20 -9:40


The gendered nature of postgraduates’ study motivation

全薇, 湖南大學

Quan Wei, Hunan University

主持:李自,  民族大學 Session Host: Li Ziying, Minzu University of China.

9:40 -10:00


A review of blended learning on its development

trends and future developments

張玉鳳, 湖南大學Zhang Yufeng, Hunan University

10:00 -10:20


Development and investigation and analysis of the evaluation index system for deep learning of college

students in a blended learning environment

楚秋玉, 湖南大學

Chu Qiuyu, Hunan University

10:20 -10:30

休息十分鍾 Ten minutes break

主持 Javed Iqbal,廣大學 Session Host: Javed Iqbal, Guangzhou University

10:30 -10:50

本爲 K-12 學生教授人工智能( AI) 的互動書籍

An interactive book for teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI) to K-12 students

Ahmed Tlili


Beijing Normal Univeristy

10:50 -11:20


The Benefits and Impediments of Blended Learning in Chinese Academia: Administrators, Faculty

Members and Students’ Perspectives.

Frank Okai Larbi

華南師範大學South China Normal University

7 日上午會議未完续后表

Continuation of the meeting on the morning of July 7



7 日上 November 7, 2021 Morning

會議 Presentation Sessions

主持:張玉, 大學 Session Host: Zhang Yufeng, Hunan University

北京時間 Beijing Time

發言主題 Topic

發言人 Speaker

11:20 -11:40

基于 TAM 模型探究在線教學软件对高校教師的

楊美佳, 湖南大學


Yang Meijia, Hunan University

Investigate the influence of online teaching

software on the online teaching effects and its

continuous use among university teachers through

TAM model

11:40 -12:00

Coursera 對我國高等教育



Jin Ning, Hunan University

Coursera's Enlightenment to the Construction of

Educational Universal Learning Platform

12:00 -12:10

討論環節 Discussion session

12:10 -13:50

午休 Lunch Break

2021 11 7 日下 November 7, 2021 Afternoon

會議 Presentation Sessions

主持: Samson M. Tsegay, 國安格利鲁斯金大學 Session Host: Samson M. Tsegay, Anglia Ruskin University

北京時間 Beijing Time

發言主題 Topic

發言人 Speaker


通过重新语境化改变學习英语的活动: 从笔记本到计算机图形管理器

Transforming the Activity of Learning English

through Recontextualisation: from the Notebook to the Computer Graphic Organiser

Maria-Fernanda Puentes-



University of Roehampton, UK.

14:20 -14:40


The Government Sadiq College Women University, Pakistan

Shahnaz Perveen


The Government Sadiq College Women University, Pakistan

主持:姚, 北京範大學 Session Host: Yao Zhen, Beijing Normal University

14:40 -15:00

在巴基斯坦大學的高等教育层面实施虚拟教育系统 (VES) 以在大流行情況下競爭

Implementation of Virtual Education System (VES) at Higher Education level in the Universities of

Pakistan to compete in Pandemic Situation

Tahira Yasmeen


Beijing Normal University, China


創建批判性的 Paulo Freirean 远程學习空间:由于 COVID-19 快速转移到在線教學

Creating critical, Paulo Freirean distance learning spaces: Rapid transfer to online teaching due to


Greg William Misiaszek


Beijing Normal University

15:20 -15:30

休息十分鍾 Ten minutes break

主持 傅冠, 大學 Session Host: Fu Guanhua, Hunan University

15:30 -15:50

生命性:高校混合學习的起点与基点Vitality: the starting point and basic point of blended learning in colleges and universities


Huang Guoqin, Hunan University

15:50 -16:10

遊戲化作爲培養全球公民和 21 世紀技能的機制:公民教育的遊戲化

Gamification as a Mechanism for Developing Global Citizens and 21st Century Skills: the gamification of

citizenship education

Stephanie Hollings, 北京師範大學

Beijing Normal University

7 日會議未完续后表

Continued page of the meeting on June 7



7 日下 November 7, 2021 Afternoon

會議 Presentation Sessions


大學 Session Host: Yang Meijia,

Hunan University

北京時間 Beijing Time

發言主題 Topic



16:10 -16:30


Salomey Tardy Hackman & Stefan Reindl

香港教育大學, 北京師範大學

Beijing Normal University,

The Education University of Hong Kong


Challenging EdTech: Towards a More Inclusive,

Accessible, and Purposeful Version of EdTech

16:30 -16:50


In-service teachers’ perceptions of using blended learning in classrooms

Ashraf Muhammad Azeem


Hunan University

16:50 -17:00

休息十分鍾 Ten minutes break

17:00 -17:20

討論環節 Discussion session

17:20 -17:30

本次議閉幕總結 Ashraf Muhammad Azeem南大學

Closing summary of the meeting Hunan University


Contact Details

Ms. Jin Ning

Ashraf Muhammad Azeem (Associate Professor) Tel: +86-13043393256Jin Ning)

E-mail: azeem@hnu.edu.cn;jinning@hnu.edu.cn


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